About us

The Oxford and Cambridge Club Estonia is a welcoming UK-Estonian social group, meeting regularly, primarily in Tallinn. Our community includes current and former students and academics from Oxford University, Cambridge University and friends from other English-speaking schools and universities.

The aim of the Club is to meet people in Estonia with ties to Oxford, Cambridge, the UK, the United States or the broader English speaking world. We regularly organise dinners, talks and events. These often revolve around a love of learning, academia, intellectual discovery and good conversation.

Many of us live in Estonia. Others are Estonians living abroad, who enjoy meeting up when they are back in Tallinn. 

If you are based in Estonia, visiting Estonia, interested in attending our events, or meeting English speakers in Estonia, then please join the Oxford and Cambridge Club of Estonia’s distribution list via the following webform

Members of the Organising Committee are:

Katre Leino, Chair of the Committee

David Clark

Rob West

Riina Luha

Britta Tarvis